Lady Gaga Fans Declare War On “Venom”

Lady Gaga Fans Declare War On Venom

Earlier today came an interesting event in the film review landscape. The social media reaction embargo on “Venom” was lifted, but the review embargo was not. As a result, tweet reaction to the film was flying and soon it was discovered a bunch of these tweet reviews were fake.

There were no Russian bots responsible this time, rather it was fans of acclaimed musician Lady Gaga. With “A Star is Born” also debuting this weekend, fans of the singer have declared war on “Venom” with Buzzfeed News doing a proper analysis and discovering a bunch of fake reviews written by Gaga’s fans called ‘little monsters’ who have been known for online troll campaigns and cyberbullying tactics in the past and accused on multiple occasions of spreading racist and sexist abuse.

The aim? They want “A Star is Born” to succeed and “Venom” to fail at the box-office and so are pushing the bad review angle for “Venom”. Seems it wasn’t enough “A Star is Born” is getting some of the best reviews of the year and professional critics reaction to “Venom” is decidedly mixed, they have to make sure the main competition fails.

This has turned into even more of a s–tshow as some people have also started posting fake anti-“A Star Is Born” tweets to mock others, some have blamed DC fans for trolling “Venom” (a Marvel property), and now troll tweets are leading some people to allege genuine reviews are part of a conspiracy. The full story is up at Buzzfeed.

At present, “A Star is Born” is sitting at 95% and an 8.1/10 on Rotten Tomatoes and is headed for a $30 million opening according to tracking figures. “Venom” sits at 32% and a 4.6/10, and it is currently on track for a $55-60 million opening.