L.A. Noir Renamed Due To “L.A. Noire”

Frank Darabont’s upcoming TV series “L.A. Noir” has been retitled “Lost Angels” according to io9. Darabont revealed the news during an interview, and gave an explanation as to why:

It was going to be called L.A. Noir, based on the book by John Buntin. But the video game company [Rockstar] with the video game called ‘L.A. Noire’ threatened to sue the s–t out of me, TNT, and every company that actually ever worked in Hollywood. They have the billions of dollars to back it up, apparently. So we’re changing the title, and I do believe the title is going to be ‘Lost Angels’.

A rep for Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ owners, tell Slashgear that “they only approached TNT in order to express concern over confusion between the properties, but say that they have never approached Darabont.”

The show itself will be based on John Buntin’s book “L.A. Noir: The Struggle For The Soul Of America’s Most Seductive City” and will cover some of the ground trodden by the recent “Gangster Squad”.

Jon Bernthal, Neal McDonough, Milo Ventimiglia, Jeremy Strong, Jeffrey DeMunn, Ron Rifkin, Alexa Davalos and Pihla Viitala star, while Simon Pegg guest stars in a dramatic role.