Kyra Sedgwick Opens A “Dibbuk Box”

Kyra Sedgwick (“The Closer”) has signed on to join Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the Ole Bornedal-directed thriller “Dibbuk Box” for Ghost House Pictures and Lionsgate reports the trades.

Sedgwick will play a mother whose youngest child becomes attached to an antique wooden box purchased at a yard sale.

The girl’s behavior becomes erratic and her divorced parents get the carvings on the box deciphered and find the box contains a spirit bent on devouring its human host.

Juliet Snowden & Stiles White penned the script, while Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert will produce. The film is currently scheduled for an October 28th 2011 release.

Sedgwick is currently finishing filming her seventh and final season of “The Closer”.