Kyle Newman Talks Fanboys Delay

As previously mentioned, the “Star Wars”-themed comedy “Fan Boys” with Kristen Bell has been delayed to January. Now, director Kyle Newman explained the delay to TheForce.Net and revealed that it allows him to add some scenes he had been unable to do in time:

“Ultimately the shift in release will be a good thing for the movie. We made Fanboys for under five million dollars. And the studio has given us the go-ahead to do the things to it that we couldnt do with our initial limited schedule and budget. There are one or two hilarious things that I wanted to shoot and they are giving me the funds to do it. Which is great!!!

As a filmmaker, it’s not often someone says — here’s more money – what else do you want to do? But that’s the situation we are in. Unfortunately, I dont get the actors back together for four months.”