Kutcher Planning Netflix Comedy “Ranch”

“Two And A Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher will reunite with that series’ co-showrunners Don Reo and Jim Patterson and his former “That ’70s Show” co-star Danny Masterson for a new multi-camera comedy series on Netflix.

A straight-to-series order is being finalised for “The Ranch” created by Reo and Patterson in which Kutcher and Masterson play siblings on a Colorado ranch. Kutcher’s character returns home after a brief semi-pro football career to run the family business with his brother.

The show aims to introduce a new model of release for the streaming service with a annual twenty episode order which will be released in two separate ten episode batches twice a year – a change from the one thirteen-episode season a year format it has used for its shows so far including comdies like”Grace and Frankie” and the upcoming “Fuller House”.

Kutcher and Masterson will both produce and the aim is to debut the new series in 2016.

Source: Deadline