Kubrick’s “God Fearing” Becomes A TV Series

Kubricks God Fearing Becomes A Tv Series

Four-hour event TV series “God Fearing Man,” based on an original screenplay by acclaimed filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, has been set as the first scripted project from Media Musketeers.

“God Fearing Man” was one of two initial projects announced Tuesday by the company, which was officially launched in April by Chris Law, Sebastien Janin and Andy Docherty.

Based on a book by Herbert Emerson Wilson, Kubrick’s original screenplay tells the true story of a Canadian church minister-turned-safecracker who became one of the most successful bank robbers in U.S. history.

The other project is “Pulse,” an eight-part sci-fi drama set in the world of console game developers. Both shows are scheduled to go into production in 2020.

Source: Variety