Kubrick Planned “Pinocchio” Before He Died

Legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick left us in 1999 at the age of 71 after having finished his Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise-led erotic drama “Eyes Wide Shut”.

Now, a new interview by The Guardian this week with long time Kubrick assistant Emilio D’Alessandro has revealed that the director wanted to make a movie about “Pinocchio” immediately after ‘Eyes’ and had begun planning it:

“Stanley was interested in making Pinocchio. He sent me to buy Italian books about [him]. He wanted to make it in his own way because so many Pinocchios have been made. He wanted to do something really big … He said: ‘It would very nice if I could make children laugh and feel happy by making this Pinocchio.’

The project is NOT to be confused with the similarly themed “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence” which Kubrick developed and which ultimately became a Steven Spielberg film. Kubrick’s work stretched across many genres, but he never did a family film – turns out he would have had he not left us.

Several attempts to bring a new adaptation of “Pinocchio” to the big screen are in the works with the biggest being one which Robert Downey Jr. is slated to star in while Paul Thomas Anderson is thought to be rewriting the script at this time.