Krypton New Character Descriptions

As Syfy moves forward with its “Superman” prequel series “Krypton,” new details have been revealed about the show’s lead characters and what the story will be about. Set on Superman’s home planet years before he was born, the story will center around Kal-El’s grandfather. Check out the descriptions below, production on the pilot kicks off this Summer:

Described as athletic, quietly confident, and in his 20s, an older version of this character appeared in Starman #51 alongside his son Jor-El (Superman’s father).

A beautiful twentysomething, Lyta is a reluctant warrior and has a familial tie to eventual Superman villain General Zod.

The genius grandfather of Seg, he defied death by entering the Phantom Zone and believes in space exploration.

Lyta’s mother, she too is obviously related to General Zod in some way.

A “bad boy” in his twenties, this chisele character was a reluctant ally to the Legion of Superheroes once upon a time, but has clashed with Superboy and Superman on a handful of occasions as a villain.

Seg’s father.

Source: TV Line