Kruger Denies “Superman” Casting Talk

The gossip surrounding the “Superman” reboot is getting confusing.

First there was reports of at least six Lois Lane candidates, then came a report indicating that Lois Lane isn’t in the film while three new names were vying for an unspecified female role. Then yesterday was word that Lois does appear in the film after all and the role is that of General Zod’s right-hand woman Ursa.

Today things got more complicated as Diane Kruger, one of the reported three candidates up for the Ursa role, was asked about the veracity of the report at the junket for “Unknown” in which she stars alongside Liam Neeson.

“No, it’s not true” the actress told Coming Soon. This has now put in doubt essentially every report that has popped up online since the last actual confirmed bit of news, namely the announcement of Henry Cavill’s casting as Superman last Sunday.

While the speculation is understandable, I’d seriously question everything you hear until it comes from an official press release.