Kristen Wiig Talks “Ghostbusters” Backlash

While some have expressed anger towards the backlash and misogyny that has surrounded the female-centric reboot of “Ghostbusters” in production at Sony Pictures, the key woman at the center of it has experienced a different sensation – disappointment.

Speaking with The L.A. Times to promote “Nasty Baby,” actress Kristen Wiig revealed that she was ‘bummed out’ by the gender-focused controversy and the sheer amount of attention it garnered:

“The fact there was so much controversy because we were women was surprising to me. Some people said some really not nice things about the fact that there were women. It didn’t make me mad, it just really bummed me out. We’re really honoring those movies.”

The comments are far more measured than those by the reboot’s director Paul Feig who took Internet commenters to task back in March saying:

“[They wrote] some of the most vile, misogynistic s— I’ve ever seen in my life. I figure it’s some wacked-out teenager. But almost constantly it’s someone who’s bio says ‘Proud father of two!’ And has some high-end job. You’re raising children and yet you’re bashing me about putting women in my movie?”

Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones star alongside Wiig in the new film which opens July 22nd next year.