Kristen Bell Still Keen On “Veronica Mars”

Kristen Bell is keen to get back to playing “Veronica Mars”, but Warner Bros. Pictures still owns the rights and has no plans to take the teen detective series to the big screen.

Bell tells Reuters that “it’s a business and the sad truth is that…they’re not going to relinquish the rights to something and let us do it. We really have to do it with them because they own it.”

She adds “At this point, Warner Bros. can make it, but like any studio they have research that tells them whether or not they’ll make their money back. And that’s what we’ve been told: That it’s just not there.”

Bell, who starred as the young sleuth in the Rob Thomas-created show which ran from 2004-2007 and also starred Jason Dohring and Ryan Hansen, says it’s her duty to “a) do it before I’m 40; and b) to prove to Warner Bros. that there is an audience.”

Bell is also open to the idea of a Web series, though believes the characters deserve a big screen treatment.