Krasinski Explains “Quiet Place” Monster Origin

John Krasinski’s horror thriller “A Quiet Place” is incredibly lean in its storytelling, helped a lot by the way it avoids exposition and backstory at pretty much all costs – everything feels very present with only visual cues and props doing the hard work of filling in the blanks.

The villain of the film, a race of sound-hunting monsters, are kept even vaguer. Beyond an impressive design and their lethality, little is known about the creatures beyond newspaper headlines indicating they wiped out much of the world.

So where did they come from? While the film keeps things ambiguous, Krasinski tells Empire he mapped out their entire backstory and confirms they’re extraterrestrial:

“They are absolutely aliens. They’re from another planet. Where I developed the idea of them and what I wanted them to look like was most alien movies are about takeovers, agendas, they’re a thinking alien creature, and for me this idea of a predator, this idea of a parasite, this idea of something that is introduced into an ecosystem [was interesting].

One of my favorite movies I love to watch is RocknRolla and they tell that whole story about the crawfish in the Thames and that’s what I mean, the introduction of something that can’t be held back… it would be like releasing wolves into a daycare center. That’s how the world responds.”

Krasinski worked closely with ILM to develop their design and their alien origins fed into that:

“The idea behind all that is they’re definitely aliens and they’re an evolutionarily perfect machine. So the idea is if they grew up on a planet that had no humans and no light then they don’t need eyes, they can only hunt by sound. They also develop a way to protect themselves from everything else so that’s why they’re bulletproof and all these things. I had to make it make sense. I needed the rules of the monster to adhere as tightly to the rules of the family. The family, we had set up all these incredible rules, and I needed the monster to not just be convenient.”

Paramount is already rumored to be moving forward with a possible sequel. “A Quiet Place” is in cinemas now.