Kormakur Plans Volcano Drama Series “Katla”

“Everest” and “2 Guns” filmmaker Baltasar Kormakur has begun prep work for “Katla,” a new dystopian supernatural thriller drama series centering on the famous volcano of the same name in southern Iceland.

The series will shoot in English and Icelandic with an international cast to play scientists and foreigners in Reykjavik. The story is set in that city in the near future after Katla has been erupting for two years.

This has lead to damage, health hazards, alarming mutations and strange events. A large-scale crisis breaks out and brings together scientists from abroad who converge on the Icelandic capital – a town of just 300,000 inhabitants but with over two million tourists per year.

Kormakur will direct at least the pilot, as well as produce while Studiocanal, Beta Cinema and Cinemax are reportedly circling the project.

Source: Variety