“Kong” To Crossover With “Apes” In Comics

BOOM! Studios have announced plans for a comics mini-series that will combine “King Kong” and “Planet of the Apes”.

Set within the timeline of the original 1968 “Planet of the Apes” movies, the mini-series will run for six issues under the title “Kong on the Planet of the Apes”.

In the comic, Dr. Zaius and General Ursus leading a group of soldiers to the Forbidden Zone where they discover Kong there, washed up after his previous adventures.

The Apes then travel to Skull Island to discover the truth of Kong’s appearance, but the treacherous journey puts their fates, and lives, at risk.

Ryan Ferrier is penning the mini with art by Carlos Magno, and the comic serves as a direct follow-up to BOOM!’s “Kong of Skull Island” twelve-issue series.

Source: CBR