Knowing Tops Weekend Box-Office

Alex Proyas’ awkward Nicolas Cage-led sci-fi thriller “Knowing” easily topped the box-office over the weekend with a solid $24.8 million debut. Though some loved it, the clear majority of critics loathed the film which scored just 25% & 4.4/10 on Rotten Tomatoes and a 39/100 on Metacritic.

The opposite was true of second place title “I Love You, Man” which scored 82% & 6.9/10 on RT along with 71/100 on MC. That film came in a clear second with a so-so $18 million, just ahead of the similarly well-received “Duplicity” which opened in third with a disappointing $14.4 million.

Last week’s newcomers varied with “Race to Witch Mountain” holding best with a 46.7% drop to $13 million and fourth place spot, the “Last House on the Left” remake was next with a 58% and $5.9 million sixth place haul. Severely panned comedy “Miss March” sunk to 17th with a major 71% drop and pitiful $390 per screen average. In its third weekend “Watchmen” again fell a sharp 62.3% to $6.7 million, the comic book adaptation looking to end somewhere around a disappointing $130 million total for its theatrical run.

On the limited release front it was doco “Valentino: The Last Emperor” and Spanish drama “Sin Nombre” that dominated with $20,300 and $12,900 per screen averages respectively.