Knight: “Spider’s Web” Really Is “Dragon Tattoo 2”

While the follow-up to David Fincher’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” stalled for a few years, things began picking up steam last year following a change of plans. Rather than a direct sequel based on the second book “The Girl Who Played with Fire,” the plan now is to adapt the standalone fourth book in the series “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” as the next film.

How much of it would be reboot and how much a sequel has been unclear, so the prospect of Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig returning to their roles of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist is still there – albeit remote. Things picked up heat the other week when “Don’t Breathe” helmer Fede Alvarez was linked as a potential director.

This week Collider spoke with Steven Knight, the “Locke” and “Eastern Promises” scribe who was commissioned to pen the script for the ‘Web’ adaptation. They asked him directly about his work on it and from the sounds of it, this is more sequel than reboot despite the standalone nature:

“It can’t be anything other than a sequel, but a couple of books have been skipped, so it is different, in that sense. It’s really taking a very strong central character and thinking, how do you execute this? It’s quite different.”

As has previously been indicated, the plan here is to tighten the reigns on the cost following Fincher’s over-budget $90 million first film. Instead the aim is for a cost-effective mid-budget potential franchise launcher, which explains the commissioned script which Knight explains a bit more:

“A commission and an original are two different things, and both have their virtues and vices. A commission is a bit more collaborative, in that you outline the story that you think should be told, and then you write it. And then, there are notes and you change it, in the conventional studio system. But, it was great fun to do because of the central character. With The Girl in the Spider’s Web, the girl is really the central character. She’s the whole thing. It’s not really Blomkvist.”

In the story, Salander attempts to track down someone from her past, which leads to the discovery of the ‘Spider Society’. No word on when the film might go into production.