Knight, “Spiderman,” “Carter” Trailer Details

Several big trailers are soon to be hitting cinemas this week and next. Today, descriptions of the first teaser trailers for three of the biggest 2012 tentpoles have arrived:

The Dark Knight Rises
The 93-second trailer hitting with “Harry Potter” has apparently started showing up in the UK and features some shots from “Batman Begins”. It then has Commissioner Gordon in a hospital bed in serious pain with a breathing apparatus talking to Bruce Wayne (offscreen) demanding that Batman should come back.

There’s quick shots of the bat cycle when it drives up the ramp from Dark Knight, super fast flashes of Bane’s face, and a zoom up shot of the buildings crumbling ala the teaser poster. It ends with “Batman backing away from something, then Bane enters from the left side of the screen.” [Source: Collider]

The Amazing Spider-Man
Set to premiere at Comic Con next week, the first trailer for the reboot begins with Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) being beaten by bullies, and a shot of Parker putting on the costume and turning around to reveal he is atop the Empire State Building.

There’s also a dying Ben (Martin Sheen) saying that whole ‘great power’ mumbo jumbo, Parker being bitten by a spider in lab in an attic, and Dr. Connors’ lab where Connors’ foot transforms into a scaly one before the screen goes black and we hear roars. [Source: Movieweb]

John Carter
Disney’s martian epic apparently debuts its trailer with select copies of “Harry Potter” and here’s an excerpt from a lengthy description:

“Most of the shots of Barsoom showed very few signs of life. There was some kind of huge leap sequence in which Carter propelled himself from landmark to landmark – though, from the trailer presented, it wasn’t clear how he was doing so. Despite the physics of what he was doing being unnatural, at least by Earth standards, it all looked oddly realistic. We got a good few shots of Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins, not much of anybody else, and Kitsch seemed to be decked out in warpaint, and was typically stripped to the waist.” [Source: Bleeding Cool]