Knight Rises Videos, Cave Talk, New Cast

More set videos are up from shooting in Los Angeles over the weekend for “The Dark Knight Rises”.


One night shoot in downtown saw the Batpod being chased by a few police vehicles – and by a few, I actually mean around thirty cars and a half dozen trucks. There’s also been daytime filming of the Batwing being flown around with the help of a helicopter.

Meanwhile a source of Batman-News claims to have seen the new Batcave set and while there is more “set dressing with equipment”, the basic design is quite similar to that we saw in “Batman Begins” complete with the waterfall and Wayne Manor foundation beams. This means those Romanian salt mines are either not a part of the production, or are standing in for something else.

Finally, actor Massi Furlan (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” “Star Trek”) has scored a small role in the film which he’s already shot.