Knight Rises To Open Around $200M?

With three weeks to go before release, the first tracking figures are out for Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” and early estimates promise one of the biggest openings of all time reports The Los Angeles Times.

In fact those listed as being ‘definitely interested’ and putting the film as their ‘first choice’ are at 64% and 22%, respectively – higher than “The Dark Knight” and essentially identical to the figures “The Avengers” was sporting three weeks out from its release.

‘Knight’ however won’t get the 3D ticket price bump that “The Avengers” got, and it’s also not appealing as strongly to women, so the possibility of it breaking that $207.4 million opening weekend record seems unlikely.

Still, tracking figures of this large size are difficult to lock down – ‘Avengers’ ended up exceeding expectations, ‘Knight’ might do so as well. The film should easily surpass the $158.4 million opening of “The Dark Knight”, the real question is how close will it get to $200 million.