Knight Rises Prologue, Trailer In December?

Warner Bros. Pictures isn’t messing with what works as their marketing plans for “The Dark Knight Rises” is following that of “The Dark Knight” almost to the date. The first teaser trailer for “The Dark Knight”, the one with the exploding logo, hit in mid-July ’07. In the same week four years on came the first teaser trailer for ‘Rises’.

On October 16th 2007 came the announcement that the seven minute bank heist opening sequence from “The Dark Knight” would be shown with selected IMAX screenings of “I Am Legend” on December 14th of that year.

Today, October 19th 2011, comes word via /Film that Warners will be doing the same thing with the six minute opening sequence from “The Dark Knight Rises” being shown on the IMAX-exclusive screenings of Paramount’s “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” on December 16th. Warner Bros. Pictures declined to comment on the story so we’ll see if this pans out, though from all reports it sounds very likely.

With “The Dark Knight” the second teaser trailer was also released both online and with non-IMAX showings of “I Am Legend” on December 14th. Warners releases its holiday season tentpole “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” on December 16th which makes it highly likely to be the carrier of the next trailer.