Knight Poster & Setup Details

Still more stuff from the upcoming Batman sequel “The Dark Knight” today with the first official poster art being released. Click here for the high resolution version.

Also today Rutger Hauer revealed this week that apparently Director Chris Nolan wants him to reprise his role of former Wayne Enterprises chairman Earle for the third film in the series which will focus on Two-Face.

Finally comes the four-page Gotham Times newspaper that were recently given to scavenger hunt fans. The articles within contain minor spoilers basically setting up the events that take place between “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”. Here’s the summary for those who want it quick and easy:

Imprisoned mob boss Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) disappeared during the chaos in the Narrows that followed the mass Arkham Asylum escape at the end of “Batman Begins”. Without that central figurehead, the city’s organized crime families have begun a turf war of open assassinations, revenge killings and drive-by shootings with each thinking they’ve the upper hand and none willing to back down.

The fight is now taking place between three key players – the remnants of the Falcone empire led by Sal Maroni (Eric Roberts), a ruthless organization of Russian mercenaries led by a figurehead named ‘The Chechen’ (Ritchie Coster), and a gang of street thugs led by Gambol (Michael Jai White). Several dozen mobsters were killed, with dozens of innocents either hurt or killed in the crossfire on Thanksgiving when negotiations between the groups failed to yield a satisfactory response.

Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) is a prosecutor for Acting District Attorney Roger Garcetti’s office and a very ambitious and media savvy one who is using the gang warfare and the issue of police corruption to further his career and is looking likely to challenge Garcetti for the top job of DA.

The press portrays Batman as heroic, saving a family from the turf war and stopping fights where he can. He’s appeared nearly two dozen times, in the process stopping a bank robbery and a post office bombing. DA Garcetti calls him a “dangerous vigilante” and at least one person he saved is suing him for reckless destruction of property.

Politicians are undecided, worried that endorsing Batman will unleash more vigilantes, but happy that his efforts are quelling crime. Mayor Anthony Garcia (Nestor Carbonell) is opposed to him, but the public vote is almost unanimously pro-Batman and so won’t publicly speak out against him.

Bruce Wayne is keeping up his playboy reputation, and Wayne Enterprises is rebuilding the monorail system devastated in the attacks. Wayne himself isn’t particularly enamoring himself to the public, and delays on the repairs to the monorail system is angering residents. Also, Lt. Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) has been promoted to head up the newly formed Major Crimes Unit (MCU), and a coalition of citizen-activist groups is also at large, fed up with the corruption and ineffectiveness of the Gotham City Police Department.

The city itself is suffering from a exodus of residents fleeing in fear, an economic shortfall, and overcrowded mental hospitals due to the fear toxin attack still having some long-lasting effects thanks to remnants of it remaining in the water supply. Also many of the corrupt cops that worked for Falcone have been implicated, but have not yet gone to trial.