Knight, “Avengers” Hit Box-Office Heights

Movie attendance was quiet over the Labor Day weekend with supernatural thriller “The Possession” over performing expectations slightly and topping the U.S. domestic box-office with $17.7 million. The most interesting stuff however was quietly happening much further down the list.

Chris Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” has now slipped past the $1.005 billion worldwide global tally. In the process it has now officially beaten its predecessor “The Dark Knight” which closed its run with $1.003 billion back in 2008.

Domestically ‘Rises’ remains $102 million behind the second Nolan Batman film, but makes up the shortfall and throws in a few million more when overseas grosses are taken into account.

Meanwhile this weekend saw Marvel’s “The Avengers” score a re-release in domestic markets which helped it to cross the $1.5 billion mark.

The superhero team-up epic is now finishing up its run as the third biggest domestic AND international grossing film of all time. It hit DVD and Blu-ray in many international markets last week (have a copy of the Blu sitting right here on my desk) and should be hitting North American disc retailers in three weeks.