Knick S3 Reboot Sees Soderbergh Step Back

Cinemax’s period medical drama “The Knick” closed out its second season in a way that left many wondering if the show could even continue. Turns out it can according to creator Steven Soderbergh who says that was his plan from the start.

Speaking with Indiewire, he says the show is essentially an anthology drama – albeit with double seasons instead of single (ala UK teen series “Skins”) – the key link across each being the Knickerbocker hospital itself. As a result, should another season go forward you can expect not just a reboot but someone else being in charge behind-the-scenes:

“I told them that I’m going to do the first two years and then we are going to break out the story for seasons 3 and 4 and try and find a filmmaker or filmmakers to do this the way that I did. This is how we want to do this so that every two years, whoever comes on, has the freedom to create their universe. They don’t have to shoot it the way I shoot it. They don’t have to score it the way I score it. They don’t have to cast who I’ve cast. They have maximum freedom to come in and just go, ‘I want to wipe the slate clean.'”

Soderbergh famously helmed all the episodes of both the first two seasons and will likely remain onboard in an executive producer capacity. While a script has been ordered for a third season, no green light has yet come. Even if it does go forward, expect a longer break between seasons.