Kline, Jenkins Seek Kasdan’s “Companion”

Diane Keaton, Richard Jenkins (“The Visitor”) and Elizabeth Moss (“Mad Men”) are joining Kevin Kline and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan (“The Accidental Tourist”) for his new drama “Darling Companion” reports Screen Daily.

Keaton plays a mother who saves a bedraggled lost dog from the side of the freeway and forms a special bond with the rescued animal. Kline plays her distracted, self-involved husband who loses the dog after a wedding at their vacation home in the Rockies. She enlists the help of the few remaining guests and a mysterious young woman in a frantic search which affects them all in unexpected and emotional ways.

Kasdan and Kline have previously worked together five times on such films as “Silverado” and “French Kiss”. A press release for the film calls this the third in a series “meditating on Kasdan’s generation”, the previous two films being his acclaimed “The Big Chill” and “Grand Canyon”.

Kasdan, Anthony Bregman and Elizabeth Redleaf will produce. A month-long shoot in Utah kicks off later this month.