Kirkman Teases “Walking Dead” Season 5

Robert Kirkman, the creator of “The Walking Dead” comics and a producer on the AMC series adaptation, recently spoke with MTV about the upcoming fifth season and where it currently stands. Kirkman says he thinks the just finished fourth season is the strongest so far, and five should continue the trend:

“I just turned in the second episode script for season five, and all the writers are hard at work on their individual episodes. We’re pretty much halfway through the fifth season, script-wise. And we’ve already nailed down what our finale is, and what our overall arc of the season is. The back half of the season is taking shape very quickly, and we’ll have all the scripts written by the summer.

It’s always interesting the way these things overlap. By the time people have seen the entirety of the season, we’re already pretty much done with the writing on the first half of the next season. We’re always quite a bit ahead. We’ll be rolling cameras in May, so I’m very excited about that. We’ll have another season of “Walking Dead” down.

It’s strange for me, being on the fifth season, because I feel like we just started. Five is… on some shows, on some great shows, they run for five seasons and they’re done. And it’s like, ‘Wow, that show ran for a long time.’ I feel like we’re still very much getting started, which is the feeling I’ve always had on the comics. So that’s definitely a strange thing to realize, that five years have passed already.”

As for the spin-off series, Kirkman says he’s actively working with show runner Dave Erickson on it and they have a premiere date in mind but can’t announce it yet. Kirkman was also asked about the famed comic antagonist Negan and whom he would cast in the role when it comes to TV:

“As far as Negan casting goes, Scott and I are always talking about who we would put in that, it’s definitely on our minds, and there are definitely a lot of candidates. But I wouldn’t expect Negan too terribly soon, although he is definitely in the plan. It’s a 99% lock that he’s going to be in the show eventually, so be on the lookout for that.”