“Kingsman” Sequel Gets Moved Up A Week

The first “Kingsman: The Secret Service” proved a surprise early 2015 smash hit with $414 million worldwide for 20th Century Fox. For the sequel, the studio is trying a different season, originally planning to drop the film in June then pushing it to October 6th this year.

Now, the studio has moved up “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” by a week to September 29th according to Exhibitor Relations. The move gets the Matthew Vaughn-directed film out of the way of Denis Villenueve’s “Blade Runner 2049” which opens on that first Friday in October.

It’s thought the change is small enough it’s not due to any issues with the post-production process on the film. On the new date, the sequel goes head-to-head with the remake of “Flatliners” and the Tom Cruise-led “American Made”.