Kingsley, Payne To Seek “The Physician”

Ben Kingsley, Tom Payne (“Luck”) and Stellan Skarsgard have joined the cast of “North Face” helmer Philipp Stoelzl’s medieval period drama “The Physician” for Beta Cinema and Ufa Cinema says THR.

Based on Noah Gordon’s best-selling novel, Payne plays a 11th century European physician who searches for the scientific truth of illness and healing in a medieval world dominated by religion and superstition.

Kingsley will play Ibn Sina, the “doctor of all doctors”, while Skarsgard will play Barber, the physician’s first mentor. Olivier Martinez is already signed to play the Shah Ala ad-Daula.

Jan Berger (“The Door”) is adapting the script while shooting kicks off in Morocco and Germany next month.