King’s Speech Cast, Director Against Cuts

The report last week that The Weinstein Company is considering re-editing the R-rated “The King’s Speech” down to a PG-13 or even a PG has understandably met with a lot of negative reaction from readers. Now, two of the stars and the director of the film have spoken out about the issue.

Before Saturday’s DGA Awards, director Tom Hooper explained to Entertainment Weekly what edits have been discussed and that he’s against any footage being cut – “I wouldn’t support cutting the film in any way. I think we looked at whether it’s possible to bleep out the f s and stuff, but I’m not going to actually cut that part.” He added that no final decisions have been made yet.

Also at the DGA, actress Helena Bonham Carter weighed in saying “I don’t think it needs to be cut down. I think every 13-year-old knows [the words], I think every 8-year-old [does]. it’s the whole point of it. it’s not to be offensive. I think they said they were going to put the bleeps. [The film] is not violent. it’s full of humanity and wit. [It’s] for people not with just a speech impediment, but who have got confidence [doubts]. Everyone who has a sense of inadequacy, which is practically everyone.”

Meanwhile, Geoffrey Rush spoke with The Hollywood Reporter at the SAG awards last night and said he’s against it, especially as the swearing is a key element to the titular character’s therapy – “If you cut it, then you’re going cut one of the key thrills of the film. I just think it’s a shame considering that it’s all in the context of therapeutic play. it’s almost like a tongue-twister. it’s gobbledygook. But it’s not aggressive, it’s not offensive. it’s not harmful.”

He did add that if it had to be edited for PG-13, then “they should just ‘bleep’ it.”