King’s *SILENCE* Speech Is PG-13

The MPAA has officially given an edited version of “The King’s Speech” a PG-13 rating reports Deadline.

As previously reported a month ago, The Weinstein Company came up with the idea of re-editing the R-rated movie down to a PG-13 because the film’s less harsh rating in the UK lead to younger audience members attending.

The film earned the ‘R’ rating in the US for its occasional but important use of swearing, more specifically the repeated use of the word ‘fuck’ in at least one key scene. Cutting around that scene would be extremely difficult as the swearing itself is a major component of the titular character’s speech therapy. Talk of making the edits led to quite a bit of controversy, the film’s stars and director Tom Hooper denouncing the idea of making any kind of cuts.

Now the compromise has been revealed – the more lenient rating has been let through after the Weinstein’s muted several utterances of the word “fuck”. The silences keep the scene intact, though will make it oddly quiet. The new PG-13 version is expected to hit U.S. theaters shortly while international cinemas will continue playing the original cut. The DVD & Blu-ray release, with the original version, will be available from U.S. stores and retailers on April 19th.