King’s “IT” Film Adaptation Tests Next Week?

It appears the Andres Muschietti-helmed film adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT” is about to get its first audience.

Though not due out until September next year, advanced ticketing company 1Iota (via Movieweb) has posted up a notice offering free tickets for fans aged 18 to 49 in the Burbank, California area to an advanced screening of “IT” next Thursday afternoon.

The movie film production in late September with the post-production process seemingly having gone smooth enough for a rough cut to be ready by this time for test audiences. At last report the plan is also to continue with a second movie which will bring these characters back together as adults, as they must stop IT once and for all. Bill Skarsgard leads the cast as Pennywise the Clown.

Warners shuffled around much of its 2017 schedule in the past day or so but has left “IT” in its September 8th 2017 slot for now.