King’s “Hearts in Atlantis” Gets A New Adaptation

British filmmaker Johannes Roberts (“The Other Side Of The Door,” “47 Meters Down”) and The Fyzz Facility are teaming for “Hearts,” a coming-of-age drama based on Stephen King’s critically acclaimed novella “Hearts in Atlantis”.

Set in 1966, the bittersweet story follows a group of poor college freshmen and their first time away from home – obsession and self-destruction soon follow thanks to a highly addictive and highly vindictive card game, and their lives soon begin to unravel.

King has given his personal approval to the adaptation, which is based on his own time in college. James Harris, Mark Lane, Robert Jones and Wayne Marc Godfrey will produce.

Though Scott Hicks directed the 2001 film “Hearts in Atlantis,” that film adapted two other stories in the five story anthology collection (“Low Men in Yellow Coats,” “Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling”). This on the other hand will stick only to the novella that gives the whole collection its title.

Source: Variety