Kingdom Renewed, “Lottery” Cancelled

DirecTV has given its new mixed martial arts family drama “Kingdom” a two season renewal. DirecTV doesn’t disclose ratings but does say the show is one of the network’s most popular shows of all time after just two episodes having gone to air.

Nick Jonas, Frank Grillo, Kiele Sanchez, Jonathan Tucker, Matt Lauria and Joanna Going star in the Venice, California set series about an MMA gym owner (Grillo) who has to take care of not just his fighters but the complicated relationships with both of his sons.

Following on from the current ten episode first season, which premiered two weeks ago to quite good reviews, the network has ordered two further seasons of ten episodes each to air in 2015 and 2016.

The news hasn’t been so rosy for Lifetime’s new dystopian thriller series “The Lottery”. The network has opted not to renew the drama which wrapped its first season in late September.

Both ratings and reviews for the show, about an infertile world where a national lottery is held to decide the surrogates of one hundred fertilised embryos, were dismal.

Source: The Live Feed