“King of Kong” To Become A Stage Musical

Filmmaker Seth Gordon, currently doing press rounds for the “Baywatch” film which he helmed, has confirmed he’s adapting his 2007 documentary “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” into a stage musical.

The doco explored the rivalry between Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell who were competing for the world record for “Donkey Kong”. Gordon told IGN this week that while there are scripts being worked on for the long announced narrative remake of “The King of Kong,” his focus is on the musical:

“Yeah, some scripts have been written – we’re actually working on a musical right now, which is pretty great. I think it lends itself to that – there’s such a melodrama, and so many of the characters are actually musicians, and the music of the games, too, is a thing.

The musical will feature a song, ‘Museum of Your Heart,’ from Twin Galaxies arcade owner turned musician Walter Day. There are also reportedly fifteen or so other songs in the musical.

An unauthorised King of Kong musical was once performed at the UCB Theater in Hollywood which included an 8-bit musical version of Wiebe and Mitchell’s battle.