King Kong & Godzilla To Join Together

Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures are all in talks to shift the upcoming “Kong: Skull Island” project from under the control of Universal to Warner Brothers. Why? The end goal is a cinematic universe that will combine classic screen monsters King Kong and Godzilla .

The recent “Godzilla” reboot was produced by Legendary and Warner Bros. Pictures with a sequel in active development for a 2018 release. Legendary left its home at Warners and shifted to Universal where they set up ‘Skull Island’ which is set around the mysterious island that serves as the home of King Kong.

With talk of an eventual crossover happening not just in fan circles but amongst those at the studios, talks began to shift distribution of ‘Skull Island’ to Warners. As Universal was only distributing the movie, it has no significant financial stake in it.

Combine that with Warners being in keen need of a tentpole film with franchise possibilities, Legendary having the “Godzilla” rights from Toho, and the rights to Kong being in the public domain – it means the deal isn’t that complicated.

Both Kong and Godzilla previously squared off on screen in 1962. Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston and Corey Hawkins star in “Kong: Skull Island” which is expected to begin shooting in the next few weeks ahead of a March 2017 release.

Source: Deadline