King Kong Could Return In “Skull Island”

In perhaps the biggest surprise announcement of Comic Con so far, Legendary Entertainment has announced plans for “Skull Island,” a new film starring that great big ape King Kong in his home environment.

Legendary revealed the project at its Comic-Con panel on Saturday via an early teaser, and followed that up with a confirmed November 4th 2016 release date.

The movie is NOT expected to be either a sequel or reboot to Peter Jackson’s 2005 “King Kong” movie. The island appeared in the original 1933 “King Kong” film and subsequent movies, and is home to prehistoric creatures and a primitive society of humans.

This has lead to the immediate bit of quite likely right speculation – in a few years time we could well get a Godzilla vs. King Kong film as both belong to Legendary.

There was also reportedly audible disappointment in the crowd as there was anticipation that the first “Jurassic World” footage would be screened at the panel. It wasn’t.

Source: Legendary Pictures