King, Goldsman Plan “Extreme Universe” Films

Producers Graham King and Akiva Goldsman, along with Fundamental Films and Weed Road, are all teaming for a planned cinematic universe based on “Deadpool” co-creator Rob Liefeld’s “Extreme Universe” comics.

Much like what was done with “Transformers” ahead of the fifth film, a writers room strategy is being employed to map out this screen universe ahead of the writers then going off and working on individual scripts for what will likely be a series of R-rated films.

The current iteration of the Extreme Universe includes titles like “Brigade,” “Battlestone,” “Bloodstrike,” “Kaboom,” “Regex,” “Cybrid” and “Bloodwulf,” but the deal does not include “Youngblood” or “Avengelyne” despite the latter being setup at Paramount and with Goldsman attached to direct.

Liefeld and Brooklyn Weaver will produce all the films that come from this deal.

Source: Heat Vision