King Enjoys Sex and the City

Ever since there’s been talk of a “Sex and the City” movie, show producer Michael Patrick King has been attached in a writing and directing capacity.

Of course the project, a big-screen adaptation of the popular HBO comedy series, was abandoned a while back. Yet it recently came back into contention with a Fall start date being hinted at.

Is King still attached? Yes he is according to MTV News. Series regular Mario Cantone says “Michael Patrick King was kind of the creative force behind that show, [and] he’s going to be writing and directing the movie.”

Will Cantone be involved? “They called me about my availability, but nothing’s negotiated. Hopefully if all the negotiations go well, it will happen in the fall. HBO’s just gotta give everybody what they want. It better get done cause I want to do it.”

The question is will people have moved on by the time it’s out? One of the more notable trends of the upcoming 2007/08 TV season is several new series essentially ripping off the “Sex and the City” formula including “Lipstick Jungle,” “Cashmere Mafia,” a teen incarnation in “Gossip Girl” and a male version in “Big Shots.”