“King Arthur” Was Originally Much Longer

Guy Ritchie’s films are noted for their fast editing and pace, but his upcoming “King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword” may amp that up.

Out doing press for the film, its star Charlie Hunnam has revealed to Cinema Blend some of Ritchie’s process for the film and confirmed that the original cut of the movie came in much longer.

This includes a massive scene in which Arthur and friends recall how they confronted a group of Vikings to their cohort Jack’s Eye (Michael McElhatton) – a sequence that originally was three to four times that which ended up in the final film:

“What’s also interesting about Guy is that so much of the work that he does happens in the editing room, where there’s this grand reimagining.

That Jack’s Eye sequence that you’re talking about wasn’t in the original script. There was an effort to condense significantly the first 30 or 40 minutes of the film down to a ten-minute sequence. Because his original cut came in at three and a half hours and we had to trim that down.

So that was a scene that he designed to facilitate us going in and out and doing a short-hand of 20 scenes that played out in a linear fashion that he wanted to condense down into one montage.”

While the rough cut of “King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword” may have clocked in at about 210 minutes, the final cut stands at 126 minutes and is slated to hit cinemas tomorrow.