Kinberg Teases “Apocalypse” Post-Credits

“X-Men: Apocalypse” producer Simon Kinberg has teased the post-credits scene of the new film, saying that the movie includes a nod not to a direct sequel so much as several potential future projects. Kinberg tells Collider:

“It’s a nod toward potentially a lot of different movies. I mean certainly the Wolverine movie is related to what happens at the end of it, but there’s also another character that’s introduced, at least in name, in the tag and he could show up in any host of different X-Men films. Maybe a Gambit movie, maybe another X-Men movie.”

Whether he’s referring to a hero or a villain that has yet to be tapped, such as Mr. Sinister, is unclear. In related news, Apocalypse’s Evan Peters has spoken about Quicksilver and the short-lived other version of his character in Disney’s “Avengers” sequel that was played by Aaron-Taylor Johnson.

Speaking to Yahoo, Peters mourned the loss of his Marvel compatriot:

“I was devastated by it. I really wanted that to keep going… I don’t really know why they killed him off. I liked what they did with it. It was different. It was a completely different take on it. He had the Russian accent. I mean, they had this swoopy thing with the lines behind, which I thought was really cool, and I don’t know. I thought it was a cool character.”

“X-Men: Apocalypse” opens in cinemas later this month.