Kinberg Talks “Fantastic Four” Trailer Secrecy

Following the release of the trailer an hour ago, “Fantastic Four” writer/producer Simon Kinberg has spoken about the deliberately vague preview with Empire.

We live in a time when audiences have not only grown accustomed to, but expect all sorts of details about major upcoming films to have been revealed months beforehand. As a result, any film showing any kind of restraint with the marketing is somewhat of an odd duck. Kinberg says the delays here were deliberate:

“What we’re doing is quite different, and we want people to get a sense of it. There is a mystery, and the slow immersion into that is part of the experience of what will ultimately be the movie. We wanted it to feel different and represent what’s unique about the film. It has a little more restraint, maybe, than some other trailers these days.”

Kinberg also adds that part of the reason for keeping things so much under wraps is that they’re aware of all the scrutiny they’re under and so don’t want anything half-finished leaking prematurely:

“We wanted the visual effects to be as complete as possible. We know this movie is going to have a little more scrutiny than most, and we wanted to make sure the visuals represented what Josh really pictured for the film. Creating a fully CGI Thing is no easy task.”

The trailer confirms the film will follow the “Ultimate Fantastic Four” origin elements with interdimensional travel being responsible for giving the quartet their powers. What Kinberg won’t reveal though is if the group will acquire their codenames like ‘Mr. Fantastic’ or ‘The Human Torch’ in this outing:

“We want some of that to be a surprise. It is in many ways an origin story, but it’s also about how they react to this transformation, and the ways the world does or doesn’t react to them, which is different, I would say, than all other superhero films.”