Kiefer Is Excited About “24” Sans Jack Bauer

Speaking as part of a recent Q&A for TIFF, actor Kiefer Sutherland seems quite upbeat and excited regarding the proposed “24: Legacy” event series on FOX – a reboot of the franchise that will not include his iconic Jack Bauer character even as a guest star.

Sutherland is fine with that idea, saying the series was originally built around the concept and format rather than the characters – and as such can be easily adapted for a whole new scenario:

“I have said from the beginning that the real star of 24 is the idea. And I mean that wholeheartedly. For me, and you have to understand for the writers, to write for the same character in that format for nine years, I would have told you was impossible… but they managed to do it.

I think the freedom that they are going to have for creating new characters but keeping the same formula is going to be pretty extraordinary.”

Sutherland has previously been vocal about how “24: Live Another Day” was the end of the road for his character. It’s expected other characters introduced in that run, like the one played by Yvonne Strahovski, will not be back either.

You can see the full conversation with Sutherland on Youtube.

Source: TIFF Live