Kick-Ass Sequel Already Planned?

The first film isn’t even out yet, but already plans seem to be well underway on a “Kick-Ass” sequel.

Director Matthew Vaughn’s first film adapts the original first-volume, eight-issue comic by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. quite closely.

Doing press after the first film’s premiere over the weekend at the SXSW Film Festival, stars Aaron Johnson and Chris Mintz-Plasse tell Coming Soon that Millar and Romita Jr. are getting started on the second volume of the comic which it sounds like Vaughn will have a small hand in.

“Matthew and Mark have a lot of ideas, and I think they work quite tightly” says Johnson, while Mintz-Plasse adds “he [Millar] wants it to be very, very dark is what he’s thinking.”

“If you could get any more dark than ‘Kick-Ass’ is right now, then Mark had even darker ideas. Matthew went with absolutely everything but there were some things that were impossible to film. No one’s going to see it because it’s too disgusting” adds Johnson.

A lot of course will depend on the first film which is scheduled to open April 16th.