“Kick-Ass” Creator Teases New Announcement

Comics creator Mark Millar, who recently sold his company Millarworld to Netflix, is teasing the announcement of another adaptation in the “Kick-Ass” franchise.

Millar tweeted out the line: “right, this brilliance won’t write itself. Time to help get a press release together for the big Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl news next week” along with a photo from the original 2010 film.

There’s no official announcement as yet so it’s not clear if the project’s a new sequel, a “Hit Girl” spin-off or something else. It’s also not clear if the project would go to Netflix or if it would stay at Lionsgate where the two previous films reside due to legal rights.

The first “Kick-Ass” made $96 million worldwide on a $30 million budget.