Key & Peele Produce “Police Academy” Reboot

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have signed on to produce the reboot of the “Police Academy” comedy franchise for New Line.

The original seven film series followed a group of quirky, unexceptional police recruits tasked with bringing law and order to the mean city streets.

Scott Zabielski was previously attached to direct but that’s no longer the case. Paul Maslansky, who produced the original 1984 film, is also back to produce the reboot.

The new film is expected to retain the iconic theme music but will otherwise reboot the series with various fresh-faced comedians as a new batch of recruits.

The news of Key and Peele’s involvement comes as the pair are set to branch out beyond their Comedy Central sketch show with roles as FBI members in four episodes of FX’s upcoming “Fargo” TV series.

Source: THR