Kevin Smith To Return For “The Flash” S3

Following his successful stint directing ‘The Runaway Dinosaur’ episode of this past season of “The Flash,” Kevin Smith is set to return to helm another episode of the series for its upcoming third season – one that’s set to tackle the mother of all DC Comics storylines – “Flashpoint”.

Smith has previously said his work on “The Flash” is his all-time favourite filming gig, and so his return isn’t much of a surprise. His previous episode was semi-standalone, set mostly within the Speed Force as Barry (Grant Gustin) comes to term with his powers. Whether that’s the case with the next episode is unclear, but speaking with Den of Geek he says:

“I know I’m going back to The Flash, first week of September, to direct episode 7 of season 3. Still haven’t heard anything back from Arrow. You know, I wish, it would be amazing because I would love to write and direct Onomatopoeia in the show. Um, but I know they’re doing – what is it? – Wild Dog this year, as well as Vigilante, so maybe they’re just like ‘we don’t need you’, or whatever. But, at the moment, anyone over there raises a flag; I’m like ‘please, let me in!’ That’d be fun as f—.”

Smith has also indicated a desire to tackle other comic book series on the air including “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Daredevil”. In terms of “Arrow,” he also really wants to bring the villain Onomatopoeia which he created for the “Green Arrow” comic to the screen. Talking about realising the character on screen, one whose signature trait is saying comic book sound effects like ‘Boom’ and ‘Blam’ out loud, Smith said he would change it up for the screen version:

“[I]nstead of just doing the actual sound – which to me, in the real world, would be like the dude from Police Academy making noises with his mouth – he’ll just have little cards. Business cards that have typewritten words of whatever the f—. So instead of him saying ‘blam’, you’d find this card on your desk and turn around and ‘blam’, he’d shoot you and stuff like that. Which I think is a little more chilly, you know, for doing it in live action.

So [you read] ‘slit’, and you’re like ‘slit?’, and then all of a sudden you turn around he cuts your fucking throat and dude just cocks his head Michael Myers style and watches you go down. So yeah, I’ve obviously thought about it a little bit, but it would be cool to do. Hopefully, hopefully they’ll tap me.”

Both “Arrow” and “The Flash” return in October.