Kevin Smith To Do Super Max?

Whilst “Clerks” director Kevin Smith bowed out of doing a “Green Hornet” film for fear of handling a big budget action movie, he has told Wizard Magazine that he may be involved in helming one after all.

After his next two films – romantic comedy “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” and the horror film “Red State,” Smith says he might do a superhero flick.

“I think that by that point, by my 10th film, I’ll be ready to take on something that is very visually oriented. The 10th movie I think is going to be a comic book movie – not ‘The Green Hornet’ though. There’s something that we’re kind of negotiating on right now which would actually be pretty cool. I don’t know what the audience for it would be, but I would dig making it because I’ve always been a fan of the character. I can’t say what it is though, because they haven’t locked it in.”

As for who that character might be? Slashfilm thinks the character in question could be the Green Arrow in “Supermax.” Scribe David Goyer (Batman Begins, Blade) sold Warner Bros a movie based on the comics character who would be wrongly convicted and incarcerated in a super maxim security prison for out-of-control heroes and super villains.

Smith also wrote a 15 issue arc for the rebirth of the Green Arrow comic book series for DC Comics in 2000. With or without Smith, “Super Max” is on track for a 2010 release.