Kevin Smith Talks His Horror Film

Kevin Smith has finally revealed details about his next project “Red State” – the horror film he’s briefly mentioned in recent interviews.

The theme of the film? Seems the evildoer here is a take on Kansas preacher Fred Phelps, whose group is famous for it’s ‘God hates fags’ website and picketing the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq.

“That dude has always fascinated me and he’s really informed the horror movie that I’m working on. The movie’s called ‘Red State’ and it’s very much about that subject matter, that point of view and that position taken to the absolute extreme. It’s certainly not Phelps himself but it’s very much inspired by a Phelps figure,” Smith told Rotten Tomatoes recently.

He adds “The notion of using a Phelps-like character as a villain, as horrifying and scary as that guy can be, there’s even something more insidious than him that lurks out there in as much as a public or a government that allows it and that’s the other thing that I’m trying to examine in a big, big way… there’ll be people saying, ‘This ain’t a horror movie!’ But to me, it is.”

Smith plans on shooting Red State later this year in Middle America.