Kevin Smith Responds To Leaked DC Film List

A week after Nikki Finke posted a report seemingly revealing Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics’ impending movie plans, filmmaker Kevin Smith has essentially said the list is correct.

Appearing on a recent Hollywood Babble-On podcast, host Ralph Garman told Smith that Finke knew what DC and WB are planning. The director responded:

“So do I. Yeah. I can’t tell you man. I know people motherf—. I’m not allowed to say, but they showed me. I talked a while back about this universe that they are putting together. I looked at [this] list, and yeah, that’s what I heard. This is what I was told.”

Smith wouldn’t go into any further detail. Finke’s list indicated plans for seven films staring with “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in May 2016. Then there’s standalone “Shazam” and “Sandman” films also in 2016.

Then a “Justice League” film on May 2017, a “Wonder Woman” film in July 2017, and a “The Flash and Green Lantern” team-up film at Christmas 2017, followed finally by a “Man of Steel” sequel in May 2018.

It’s expected Warners will not officially announce their plans for the DC Universe’s future until Comic Con next month.