Kevin Smith On “Supergirl” Job, Superman Involvement

Last week came confirmation that filmmaker Kevin Smith is set to direct not just another episode of “The Flash” for its upcoming third season, but an episode of the second season of “Supergirl” as well.

In a new and lively video piece by Smith through his official channels, he revealed that executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told him that the name of the “Supergirl” episode he’ll helm is “Supergirl Lives”.

Smith says “I’m going to cry talking about this” as it’s a reference to the film script Smith wrote back in 1996 called “Superman Lives” which was to be the basis of a Nic Cage-led Superman film that was ultimately abandoned.

Now though “Supergirl” is also getting its own Superman with Tyler Hoechlin scoring a guest starring role in several episodes next season. Could one of them be Smith’s? The director isn’t sure but he’s ecstatic about the possibility:

“I might get to play with Superman. They’ve added Superman this year. Do you know how f–king mind-bending this is for me? I was never gonna direct that Superman movie, but I did write it back in the day. To be able to work on a show where it’s like, ‘Go direct Superman,’ like come on man.”

The second season of “Supergirl” begins October 10th.