Kevin Smith On An Animated “Superman Lives”

In the annals of films in development that didn’t get made, three superhero titles stand out from the crowd – George Miller’s “Justice League,” Joel Schumacher’s “Batman Triumphant” and of course “Superman Lives”.

The latter was one of two famous Superman films that didn’t make it to the big screen, the other being the J.J. Abrams-penned “Superman: Flyby,” but ‘Lives’ was the one closest to happening with Kevin Smith having penned a script, Tim Burton directing, and Nicolas Cage going as far as doing costume tests for the film.

Many years after the project fell apart, there’s still plenty of interest in what might have been. In a recent Facebook Live Q&A, Smith was asked about the idea of an animated feature based on his script and with the original cast such as Cage as Superman and Michael Rooker as Lex Luthor. He seemed jazzed by the idea:

“I’m not going to lie, that would be fun to see. That’s something I worked on 20 years ago at this point, so that would be really amazing to kind of see, like they turn it into a cartoon and get the people to do the voices. Nic Cage is still around and stuff. And I wanted Michael Rooker for my Lex Luthor so that would be amazing. Um, but, you know, I’m game.

[Still], that ain’t up to me kids. That’s up to the good folks at Warner Bros. and stuff, but if they were ever to call and say hey we want to do a cartoon version of that Superman script we wrote, believe me I’d be like (melts), that’d be dope man. You know you close all loops in life, one way or another, and that would be a nice way to close that loop.”

The most recent animated feature to include Superman was “Justice League vs. Teen Titans” released back in March and starring Jerry O’Connell as the voice of Superman. He’ll soon appear on the Cartoon Network series “Justice League Action” which just released a new trailer: